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Watch Action Movies on Hulu

There are plenty of movies to watch, filled with fast cars, fights, explosions, and one-liners. Just subscribe to Hulu, and you are ready to watch lots of action movies. Here are some recommendations for action movies that you can watch on Hulu.

Wolf Warrior 2

Wolf Warrior 2 is a Chinese action movie with a protagonist named Wu Jing, who has worked as a Chinese army soldier and now works as a mercenary. The film revolves around him; in the movie, his task is to protect a medical group in Africa from Big Daddy’s opposing force. The movie contains many great action scenes directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. The film was released in 2017, and it was a blockbuster that ended up making more than $874 million. It is a fantastic action movie, and you can watch it now on Hulu.




Overload is a fantastic action-horror movie loaded with a bunch of action and horror content. The film will take you to the time of World War 2, just before D-Day. In the movie, the US army parachute inside the enemy lines to destroy a Nazi radio tower, but soon the troops discover that the Nazis have been conducting some kind of experiment there. And the secret mission turns into a survival movie when they find a bunch of zombies at the place. It is an excellent zombie movie to watch on Hulu, and I recommend that you watch it.

Air Force One

Air Force One is a pretty fantastic action movie that’s the story revolves around the US president, but the best thing about the president is that he can fight and do a lot of action stuff. In the movie, the Air Force One gets hijacked by Russian terrorists, and it is fun to watch the US president fighting those terrorists using his fists and wits to rescue all the people on the flight, including his daughter and wife. It is undoubtedly one of the best action movies that you can watch on Hulu.

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the fourth movie in the Mission Impossible series filled with a bunch of astonishing action scenes. In the film, the main character that is Ethan Hunt, has to climb the world’s tallest building in Dubai and do a final battle in India to stop an evil villain from launching a nuclear missile. Tom Cruise did a fantastic job in the movie, and you should watch it on Hulu.

The Rock

The Rock is an action movie released in 1996; the film revolves around an FBI chemical weapons agent named Nicolas Cage. Well, the protagonist never thought he would even go out of his office building. Still, when a renegade group of Marines takes over the Alcatraz Island and starts threatening San Francisco, Nicolas Cage and a group of Navy SEALs go to stop them. A former Alcatraz prisoner also joins the crew to navigate them through the prison. However, everything doesn’t go as planned, which makes this movie more enjoyable. It is another pretty fantastic movie loaded with a bunch of action, humor, and performances to watch on Hulu.

Hulu is an excellent video streaming platform and the best place to watch tons of excellent action, horror, comedy, and other types of movies. However, the titles mentioned above are some fantastic movies that we recommend you watch on Hulu to get an entirely excellent movie experience.

A few other action movies are also available on Hulu that we found interesting and worth watching, including Super 8, Demolition Man, Dunblebee, Mission Impossible: Fallout, etc.


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