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The Sims 4: Impressive Packs for Legacy Players and Builders

Sims 4 has been the most successful title in The Sims franchise, and even though it was released six years ago, it continues to grow its popularity. Several DLC packs have been published by the game in its lifespan, which includes seventeen stuff packs, nine-game packs and nine expansions. It has provided the players with tons of extra content to choose from. Since the game offers so many options, it is easy to get confused about what options are the right one to make depending on individual strategy. Today we will look at one of most liked packs for legacy, family, generational gameplay including the builders as well. 



Builders: Tiny Living Stuff

If you are someone who loves to build, then Tiny Living Stuff is the ideal pack for you. With this pack, one gets a versatile way of constructing lots. This allows one to make lots of 32, 64, or 100 tiles and the sims who live there get more bonuses for every size. It also contains tons of space-saving options which includes one tile desk, a sofa, chairs, a Murphy bed and small dressers. 

Legacy: Cats and Dogs

The Cats and Dogs, as the name suggests, allows you to add pets to your household. People who like the family-oriented gameplay will love this pack. Even though the pets are themselves a great addition, the pack offers much more. It can provide another career option in the form of running a vet clinic. There are also tons of décor that are ideal for family homes that you will get with it.

Builders: Eco Lifestyle 

Another impressive pack for the builders is Eco Lifestyle. For being eco and industrial friendly, the building materials are given values by the eco-footprint system. The values are crucial since they affect the footprint of the lot and therefore, the whole world on a macroscopic level. This is an intriguing way of building which makes the builders think about the choices they make when they are working. The expansion also comes with the Evergreen Harbor that can take different forms depending on the choices one makes. All the energy options instil a lot of creativity and add realism. 

Legacy: Parenthood

If you are a legacy player then there isn’t a better option than the parenthood pack which has the best return on investment. This pack does come with a lot of interactions and stories that only add to the family-oriented gameplay. Not only do you get to enjoy working on school projects, but there is a ton interaction like phases, curfews, parenting skills etc. Scattered Pens, kids; artwork etc. add even more realism and in fact, one has to teach children several skills and traits that affect them as they age. So, overall, the Parenthood pack is a must-try for a legacy player as it adds several significant elements to the game. 

Builders: Vampires

There are very few skins that provide the kind of selections for the buy and build items. One can’t deny how entertaining the vampire skin can be while the flexibility of the buy and build items only add to an already existing pack. With a sinister vibe around it, the Vampire pack comes with the horrifying town of Forgotten Hollow that only has a few lots. The items add to the gothic vibe and also have a great build that has a Victorian aura. The uniqueness of the furniture is one of a kind and is entirely different for everything else in the game.


Source:-   The Sims 4: Impressive Packs for Legacy Players and Builders

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