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Four Simple Steps to Clear Cache on your Android Device

The cache is one of the most potential reasons why your Android device is not running smoothly. The cache is where your device stores data related to your installed applications. Removing your cache can significantly improve your device’s health. Other than improving performance, eliminating cache can also free up some memory on your device. There are also some applications you can use to remove cache from your system, or you can do it manually.

In this article, we will mention four efficient yet straightforward steps that can help you in clearing the cache from your device:



Go to the “Settings” menu of your device

From your device’s home screen, launch the “Settings” menu. Another way of launching the “Settings” menu is by clicking on a small gear icon in the top right corner of the dashboard, or you can directly access it via the icon in the application menu of your device.

Open the storage menu

After launching the Settings menu, you can access a variety of options. Scroll down and open the “Storage” menu. This function enables you to access a brief breakdown of how your data is allocated on your device. Your installed applications are further segmented into different categories according to their functions like “Games”, “Movies”, “TV” and “Other Apps.” From here, click on the “Free Up Space” shortcut. This function can efficiently remove any unnecessary cache data as per your device.  You can perform this function when you notice that your phone is acting a little sluggish or if you want to create more space on your device.

Choose your category

All applications in the “Storage” menu are subdivided into different categories as per their functions. Most of your device’s app can be found in the “Other Apps” tab. You can search for the various categories and find the one which you want to clear.

Choose how much data you want to clear

Once you have selected the app, you can see how much cache data is assigned to the app. After that, you can choose between the two options: “Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache.” The latter option will help you in eliminating the unwanted cache data of the application. The cache can include images and saved items. After relaunching the app, it will automatically reconnect to the internet and access the content that it needs to function. Performing the “Clear Cache” function can significantly reduce your problems if your app is behaving strangely. The “Clear Storage” option removes all the saved data and saved passwords related to the app.


Clearing cache can help you in creating more space on your Android device. Sometimes, old cache files become corrupted, and your applications start behaving differently. Deleting those corrupted files can also solve the issues to some extent. Old cache files can also impose security and privacy issues and can expose you to hackers. The steps, as mentioned above, are simple yet efficient steps that you can follow to remove cache from your Android device.


Source:-  Steps to Clear Cache on your Android Device

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