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Mark Your Date for Visiting the Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios Japan has finally announced the opening date of the long-awaited Nintendo themed area. For all those eagerly waiting to visit the theme park, it will be opening on February 4th, 2021.

Nintendo earlier mentioned that the park wouldn’t be opening until spring; however, it’s a big surprise for the people. A café and merchandise store are already up and running in Universal Studios Japan, and other adventures will join in very soon.

There are also details provided by USJ and Nintendo regarding the park’s flagship attractions. It includes a Mario Kart-themed rollercoaster, and this piece of information is going to intrigue a lot of people. The rollercoaster is reconstructed inside Bowser’s castle and additionally uses projection technology. Not only this, but you’ll be able to do activities like throwing shells at other racers and using power-ups.



Bloomberg was fortunate enough to have an early look at the park and visit the Mario Kart ride. It is being said that the Nintendo World will also introduce a Donkey Kong-themed area.

The vehicles have wheels, and various cars can race close by one another; however, it seems like the ride itself is on rails. It’s not ensured that you dominate the race — there’s a component of throwing power-ups from thing boxes, and the experience will be diverse each time you ride, as indicated by USJ.

Many people are wondering that if the park is completely Nintendo themed, what else can they expect? Maybe performers in costume or the themed archery booths? Who knows?

However, there’s a problem, and one single problem has ruined the complete year. COVID-19 has spread worldwide, and as you’re required to maintain social distancing, the same won’t be possible at such a place. The recreation center says it’s working with health administration authorities to guarantee a protected environment for guests and staff. As per a report, the coronavirus cases have been ascending in Osaka lately, with a record tally of 490 positive cases one day a week ago.

Everyone’s been wanting for the pandemic to end for reasons beyond just being able to visit the park. It seems like you’ll have to wait for a while before that happens.

Bringing back the excitement about the opening of the Super Nintendo World, it is going to be a big adventure and fun time.


Source:-   Mark Your Date for Visiting the Super Nintendo World

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