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How to Perform Text Search on Web Pages on iPhone and iPad

In this article, we will discuss the ways with the help of which you can perform Text Search on the web pages on an iPad and iPhone. We often try to figure out any specific word or phrase on the web pages while reading blogs, articles related to news, and surfing through the web to figure out some cool stuff. There is no appropriate way to accomplish this task, and this is the reason why individuals spend an excessive amount of their precious time searching for the required phrase or word manually.

But what if we say that you can do it, not in one, but two different ways? Yes, you can perform text searches on web pages in two possible ways on your iPad or iPhone.

The Text Search is not new to iOS, and it has been on the devices for a long time; still, many iOS users are not aware of it. If you are among those who do not know how you can perform a text search, follow this article to the end. Below we have mentioned the steps with the help of which you can accomplish this task on your iPad or iPhone:



Perform Text Search on Web Pages on iPhone and iPad

You can perform Text Search on the websites on your iPad or iPhone in two possible ways. Text Search has existed on iPhones since iOS 9. So, no matter if you are using an iPhone with an older iOS version or you have the latest iOS 14, below, we have mentioned the methods that work irrespective of the iOS version of your device.

Perform Text Search on Webpage Using Share Menu

This is the first method that we will be using to perform Text Search. You need to use the Share menu on your iOS device.

  1. Open a webpage on your Safari browser and then click on “Share.” In case you cannot figure it out, scroll a bit upwards to let it be revealed. When you scroll up, the bottom menu reappears on your webpage, showing you some menu options.
  2. You need to then click on the “Find on Page” option.
  3. There you have to type your query.
  4. Your entered query will be searched, and the results will then be shown to you. It will show you how many times a word or phrase you have entered is occurring on that webpage.
  5. You can easily figure out the next and the previous instances of your query by simply using the up and down arrows.
  6. Further, you can also change your query by clicking inside the box.
  7. Once you have found out the results for your query, click on “Done.”

Perform Text Search on Webpage Using Address Bar

This method uses Address Bar to perform Text Search and works in a similar way, and is as easy as the previous method. Below we have mentioned out steps with which you can accomplish Text Search on a web page using the Address Bar:

  1. On your Safari browser, you need to open a webpage.
  2. Further, click on the URL bar appearing at the top.
  3. There you need to type your query.
  4. You need to then tap on the option “On This Page” that will be shown to you to figure out your query.
  5. Like the previously mentioned method, you can use the up and down arrows to go to the next or the previous occurrence of your query.
  6. You can make changes to your query by tapping on the box.

So, these were the steps with which you can search for the desired text on websites on your iPad or iPhone. Both the methods discussed above are easy to perform and give you quick results related to your query.

Source:-   Perform Text Search on Web Pages on iPhone

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