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A Guide on Understanding and Using ITT

You might have heard ‘ITT’ for the first time; however, you must be familiar with the term ‘in this thread.’ ITT is a part of the social media platform, used for websites and message boards to mention a topic of discussion in a particular thread.

For all those who haven’t heard about ‘message boards’ or ‘internet thread,’ it’s a loop of messages from different people on a topic. Threads are a huge part of social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter; however, Reddit is the most popular one.

ITT has been around for quite a while now and was initially meant to be ‘in this forum thread.’ It was used to set up the topic of a discussion, or the title itself defined the topic. However, the meaning has changed over time, and considering the changing internet culture; a few terms acquired a new meaning.



Currently, ITT is not considered as a topic. It is now used to describe the types of discussions in a thread. For instance, in a thread where the discussion about a potential sequel to a movie is being talked about, someone might mention it as, “ITT: People shouldn’t raise their hopes.” This person is trying to stay calm about the situation and making others aware that it could be a rumor.

Another use is to assume the type of messages or thread that’ll get more attention from the people. For instance, a thread discusses a controversy about the Apple company, someone might mention, “ITT: Android devices.” The intention here is joking and will draw more attention.

Apart from the two current uses of ITT, it can also be used as a warning. For instance, if there is a revelation of some sensitive information later down the thread, someone might post that “ITT: Descriptions of animal abuse” to keep sensitive people from reading the same.

One of the most popular communities of the Reddit platform is r/AskReddit, which is used by people to post questions and answers. For instance, someone might post a question, “Professional chefs of Reddit, what’s the worst experience of your life?” Now, the chefs using the platform are expected to answer. However, there are all kinds of people using the platform; non-chefs might reply to the thread.

Slangs can be used in our day-to-lives, but ITT is exclusively used on the internet. Now that you’re familiar with the term ‘ITT,’ start your thread discussions using the social media platform and know about others’ opinions.


Source:-    A Guide on Understanding and Using ITT

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