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Top 5 Text Expansion Tools for Windows Users

If you are someone who is writing the same type of email and responses every single day, chances are you are inserting similar lines regularly and tweaking it according to the client or customer. Even if you are a blogger who writes a few similar lines and quotes to greet or end the blog, you most probably spend a lot of time typing similar things. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to write similar things repeatedly, and it consumes a lot of time. Thankfully, you can skip this haggle-filled process by using a reliable text expander tool. A text expander tool lets you create shortcuts for words and phrases you use regularly.

Using such tools, you can work faster and save time. If you want to reduce the time you spend on writing, use the text expansion tools given in the list below:


PhraseExpander’s text expansion and templating solution stand out because it has been developed for the Doctors. Its Autocorrect feature corrects spelling mistakes and typos, no matter what application you are writing. And as you type, it will be hard to spell and long texts as well. You can set up customized templates and share them easily with other doctors in the practice or your staff. You can import the data stored in Word, Excel, etc., into PhraseExpander and work on them. You can also analyze your documents and extract the commonly used terms and phrases. You can check their extensive videos to get a better idea about the tools.




FastKeys is a fully customizable app that will help you automate your tasks and work efficiently. You can easily create keyboard ‘Shortcuts’ to do anything with a keystroke. You can also run programs, open sites, or powerful scripts to automate your PC. It can expand abbreviations for frequently used text and save hours of typing. You can execute tasks using mouse gestures. It features a Macro Recorder that records the keystrokes and mouse actions to teach your PC to perform tasks automatically. It will let you keep track of everything you copy into your clipboard and quickly access any item from the history. 


TextExpander has a unique feature that lets you connect with your teammates for remaining updates, consistent, and accurate during your work hours. It will allow you to create powerful snippets to save your time so that all you type is a short abbreviation, and the TextExpander app will do the rest of the typing. You can use fill-in-the-blank snippets to create custom forms with multiple field types and sections. You can also create email signatures and snippets with formatted text, pictures, and links that will be unique for every occasion. It also lets you insert the date, anywhere, along with future due dates to your invoices and current dates to your file names without even checking your calendar.

FastFox Text Expander

FastFox is an instant word expander, keyboard shortcut, and macros software. With this app, you only have to type your shortcut, and it will automatically expand to your saved text. This app runs in the background to use it with any platform, like MS Word, Email, Outlook, etc. You can easily create custom shortcuts by inserting your commonly used words and phrases and expand the paragraphs, documents, images, and more. There is no limit for creating shortcuts. You can create shortcuts for image documents as well. It can also expand abbreviations.


PhraseExpress is a text expansion app that manages your frequently used text templates for insertion into any program. The Template Manager organizes text templates in multiple languages, or you can customize it into categories. You can use the Snippet menu for triggering phrases by their auto text shortcuts. You can use the shortcuts on any platform and share the phrases with other users in the local network or the cloud, on-premise, or over the internet. It supports any popular cloud service, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and cloud solutions like OwnCloud and Synology CloudStation. Its Macro Recorder records your actions like a tape recorder for infinite playback.

These are some of the best text expansion tools that will save up to 30% of your time consumed in typing the commonly used phrases and words. Each of these has some unique features, and they charge a few dollars as well. Before subscribing to any plan, ensure that you try the free trials first.

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