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Top 5 PlayStation Emulators for Android

PlayStation is undoubtedly the most iconic console for gaming; it has gained huge popularity all around the world and is getting more attention day by day. Well, if you are here, I’m sure you must have played games on PlayStation. However, there are some PlayStation emulators also out there that you can use on your Android device. While you won’t get too many options for those, still, there are some decent ones. We have listed the top 5 PlayStation emulators for Android; let’s have a look at them.


ClassicBoy is an excellent emulator that supports a variety of consoles, including Nintendo 64, PlayStation, NeoGeo, NES, and SEGA. It even provides a variety of features such as customizable touchscreen controls, hardware controller support, save and load states, and some audio settings. It is unquestionably an excellent option if you are looking for multiple emulators under a single roof. Well, you get more customization options and configuration features in dedicated PlayStation emulators. You can use it for free, or it even offers you a premium version that you can buy for $3.99.




EmuBox is a newly launched PlayStation emulator for Android. This one is also a one-in-all emulator app that provides you with a variety of features, including support for several consoles, decent stability, save and load states, a fast forward mode, support for cheat codes, and hardware support. The consoles it includes are Nintendo DS, NES, SNES, as well as PlayStation. It doesn’t offer you as many customizable features as you get in FPse, but it works fantastically. It is available for free, but it contains ads.


ePSXe is a pretty awesome PlayStation emulator for Android with a straightforward user interface. This one is relatively more stable. It even features save and load states, a split-screen mode, support for hardware controllers, customizable controls, as well as OpenGL enhanced graphics. You can even use some plugins in order to enhance its performance and add some extra features. It doesn’t offer you a demo mode; otherwise, it’s a great PlayStation emulator for Android that you can use by making a payment of $3.75.


FPse is a fantastic PlayStation emulator on Android with highly customizable options. The FPse emulator features some basic stuff such as customizable controls, save and load states, support for hardware controllers, high compatibility, and many more things. Additionally, you get some advanced options as well, including plugins and some others, so that you can make gameplay a little bit better. This one doesn’t offer you a trial version, so you will have to spend $3.63 in order to access the emulator.


RetroArch is quite a very popular PlayStation emulator on Android that boasts multi-platform support. It lets you download each system independently as a plugin, which means you will get an extra level of complexity compared to most PlayStation emulators. It is relatively very stable and works decently. The best thing about RetroArch is that you can use it entirely for free.

Well, there are some other options indeed out there, but in our test, we found that all the above-mentioned PlayStation emulators are really great and quite stable too. We strongly recommend you to try a few of the emulators mentioned in the article.


Source:-  Top 5 PlayStation Emulators for Android

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