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Reviewing Fit-ness in Bits: Fitbit Inspire 2


The advent of wearable electronics brought comfort to humanity. Internet-of-Things technology is a masterstroke to fulfill the daily needs of the user. With the help of health-based sensors, the devices track the health profile of the user. The launch of Fitbit Inspire 2 aligns with health tracking technology.

About Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2 is a part of the Fitbit Inspire series. After Inspire and Inspire HR, it is the third edition under Fitbit Inspire. It has state-of-the-art Prepulse, SmartTrack, and Sleep Tracker. Using the photoplethysmography method, it analyzes the status of the Heart. With this, the user will get insights on Sleep Score based on heart rate. Also, it helps to assess the heart rate zone and lets one understand one’s workout sessions. The heart rate zone will assist in working towards 150 min. of weekly heart-pumping activity.

One can avail of the Fitbit’s Step Guidance Program. It renders improvement in nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Fitbit Inspire 2 provides reminders to stretch the legs or to walk at least 250 steps. Fitbit Inspire 2 offers a fascinating feature. New Premium users can avail of insights related to Fitbit health tracking for a year.



Physical Design & Battery Life

Fitbit Inspire 2 weighs 37g. So, it is very light-weight. It comes in three colors – Black, Lunar White, and Desert Rose. The buckle has aluminum that makes it secure. Being water-resistant up to 50m, it can read your swimming period in a pool. Fitbit Inspire 2 can survive up to 10 hours without charging. So, one can track health or steps during office hours. Also, such a prolonged battery life relieves the user from checking the battery status.

Sensors & Other Essentials

Fitbit Inspire 2 consists of many sensors that read and track the data about the user’s health. But, unlike the other Fitbit devices, it lacks an altimeter and GPS tracker. So, one cannot read the floors climbed. The user will not be able to read the tracking zone or get the Workout Intensity Map. But the absence of a GPS tracker gives an edge to Fitbit Inspire 2 by providing a better battery life.


One can measure the following health metrics using Fitbit Inspire 2:

  1. Sleep Score
  2. Cardio Fitness Score
  3. Resting Heart Rate
  4. Heart Rate Zones
  5. All-day Activity Tracking
  6. 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking
  7. Guided Breathing
  8. Advanced Sleep Tracking
  9. Female Health Tracking
  10. Active Zone Minutes
  11. Step Count & Distance Covered

Other Smart Features

Fitbit Inspire 2 provides on-hand app notifications. These notifications are related to the calls, texts, messages from social media (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.). But, there is no option for Voice Assistance. So, one cannot integrate it with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. Fitbit Inspire 2 carries a feature of Friends Leaderboard. It is a competitive structure that gives insights on activities of the past seven days and achievements.


The cost of Fitbit Inspire 2 varies from country to country. It costs £ 89.99 in the UK, £ 99.95 in the EU, and $99.95 in the US. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is cheaper than its counterpart, Charge 4. The customer can buy the Fitbit Inspire 2 from the Fitbit website. Since it is also available on Amazon, there is an alternative available.


Fitbit Inspire 2 is more a health tracking device than a smartwatch. It has a more dedicated niche but lacks Voice Assistance, Measuring Floor Climbing, and GPS Tracker. It offers better features than Fitbit Family, like long battery life, light-weight, water-resistance, etc.


Source:-  Reviewing Fit-ness in Bits: Fitbit Inspire 2

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