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Raven Launches Cloud-Native Data Protection

An organization like Open Raven is a boon to society. Open Raven is working towards a better cloud security ecosystem. Data security is the primary concern in current times. There are instances when there has been leakage of data. On 18th November 2020, Open Raven launched Cloud-Native Data Protection. The product provides resilient cloud architecture to keep user’s data safe. Open Maven is giving a Free Trial of the product. The users can also request a demo.

Why is Cloud Security Important?

The recent pandemic has shifted the dynamics of business operations. As a result, the users started leveraging cloud services to run them. Increment in the usage of cloud services also showed an increment in data loss. 40% of organizations will hold a multi-cloud data encryption strategy by 2023. Encryption Key Management is the next-gen solution to stop a security breach. It will somewhere reduce the cost of risks. And with cloud services maintained, there will be a substantial reduction in the price of operations. As per the estimates, 35% of the organization, by 2024, will use cryptography to secure the services.



How Open Raven Addresses?

It is a subscription-based service. One can avail of it for a year or more than one year as an option. The fantastic features of this new product design a secure bubble around the data. Some of them are:

  • Locating Data across AWS.
  • The lambda-based model helps to classify personal, sensitive, and regulated data. It uses serverless functions and algorithms like Pattern-matching and Machine Learning. So, it helps to boost SecOps.
  • 3D Data Mapping provides a work-flow of data and the real-time status. Also, it delivers support to several critical use cases.
  • A quick assessment of data risk.
  • Detect the data leakage if there’s a mismatch in the code.
  • Streamline of data auditing and reporting.

The user can apply alerts to any group of accounts. Hence, any alert by a group member will notify others about the security breach. Also, third-party tools like PagerDuty, Splunk, Jira, etc., to assess any glitch.


Open Raven designs automation-based Security for the users. Open Raven offers immediate solutions for security misconfigurations. It is the SecOps with GraphQL, and Firehose APIs build a systematic approach to automate security. Open Raven is the first platform that provides real-time visibility on cloud data. Hence, one can close any weak gaps. With monitoring of the location of data, Open Raven analyzes vast volumes. The resilient architecture ensures to deliver a real-time evaluation of the security. So, there lies zero or low trust deficit.

Pricing & Compliance

The price of Open Raven’s AC-NDP depends upon the storage and number of data stores. E.g., Number of AWS S3 Buckets, RDS Instances. The product complies with the standards of FFIEC, GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2. Analysis of the sizable environment and compliance reduces the manual effort to report data inventory, risks, and data transfer. So, Open Raven maintains the security norms as it follows significant guidelines.


Open Raven’s Cloud-Native Data Protection gives a plethora of benefits like:

  • Automated alerts generation using API integration.
  • High Standards of Regulation.
  • Separation of data as per the degree of sensitivity.
  • Rendering Real-time Status.
  • Risk-Analysis of data.
  • Third-party assessment.
  • Free trials.
  • Users can avail time-based subscription service.
  • Open policy agent-based rules.

So, in a nutshell, Open Raven is the master-stroke to give smooth cloud security operations. Also, it lets the user frame the policies and rules. As a result, Open Raven delivers a high degree of customizations.


Usage of AI and ML has presented a smart solution for data protection. Open Raven has made remarkable progress in cloud security. But, one needs to look beyond these technologies and integrate encryption to reduce the risk. Also, regulatory bodies should check the potentials of the Shared Responsibility Model.


Source:-   Raven Launches Cloud-Native Data Protection

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