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Pokemon Crown Tundra: How to Find and Catch Crobat

It’s been almost a year since Game Freaks’ has unleashed Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, this game is still managing to intrigue the gamers in the same ways as it did in its initial days. Thanks to its Game Freaks as they keep on bringing new stuff to keep the game fresh. Following this, Pokemon Sword and Shield has added a new DLC known as Crown Tundra to bring new and Legendary Pokemon to the Galar universe. Although most of these newly arrived Pokemon have been retained from previous generation Pokemon video games, they are still essential for gamers to meet the requirements of their Pokedex. Crobat is the name of the Pokemon that is creating hype these days amongst gamers. Thus, we have brought this article to help the players who want to catch Crobat in their game. Below we have provided a proper workaround to find and catch Crobat in Pokemon Crown Tundra.

Where to Find and Catch Crobat in Pokemon Crown Tundra

Gamers need to know that Crobat is an ancient Pokemon that has arrived in Pokemon Sword and Shield through Crown Tundra. The Pokemon possesses flying and Poison-type abilities, and these days, it is on the Pokedex of the gamers.



First, players need to know that Crobat has been spawned in a Max Raid battle so that gamers can easily catch it to progress in their Pokedex level. Thus, it is clear that the best way to catch a Crobat in Pokemon Sword and Shield is through the Max Raid battle. Gamers also need to know that they need to use a specific gameplay mode to thrive in the Max Raid battle easily in Crown Tundra. The mode is known as Dynamax Adventure mode and it enables gamers to partake in the Max raid battle quickly. More importantly, this mode also allows players to choose three favorite Pokemon for battling Crobat or any other Pokemon in the Max Raid battle.

Once gamers have successfully won the battle against Crobat in the Max Raid battle, they will be rewarded with a Crobat. Moreover, gamers should know that Crobat can be evolved into Zubat and Golbat, who are quite powerful Pokemon.


Gamers’ chances of filling up their Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield has increased after the arrival of Crown Tundra. Over 100 Pokemon have stepped into this game, and now it will be easier for the gamers to find their ideal Pokemon in the Galar world. Following this, the Pokemon that has shown up in the gamer’s Pokedex this week is Crobat. This article has briefed players about Crobat and ways to counter him in the Max Raid battle.

Gamers can play Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.


Source:-    Pokemon Crown Tundra: How to Find and Catch Crobat

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