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Mute All the Microphones in Microsoft Teams With These Steps

Microsoft Teams is a platform related to business communication. Microsoft has developed it as a part of its 365 family of products. Microsoft Teams is a service that offers video conferencing, app integration as well as workspace chat. Recently, Microsoft has introduced a new feature for Teams. With the help of this new feature, you will turn down the microphone of all the participants in Microsoft Teams. You can do this even without putting in a lot of effort. You can even prevent the attendees from unmuting their microphone till the time they are in your space.

This newly introduced feature allows the organizers of the meetings to eliminate the unnecessary audio disturbances from the conferences. Microsoft has termed this feature as “Hard Mute.”

Microsoft, although began delivering this feature in its October update of Teams, it’s just that the feature is now available for every Teams user.



What “Hard Mate” Does for You?

The recently introduced feature on the Microsoft Teams – Hard Mute allows the conference organizers to minimize the background noise and audio disruptions by simply muting all the microphones of the conference attendees. Once you have put everyone to mute, Microsoft then allows you to manually unmute the microphones of any of the specific participants of the meeting, if required.

How to Mute the Microphone in Microsoft Teams?

You may follow the below-mentioned steps to mute the microphones of the attendees:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab.
  2. From the list appearing there, click on the scheduled meeting.
  3. Further, in the Meeting options, you need to turn off the option “Allow attendees to unmute.”
  4. Once done, press the Save button to make changes to Meeting options.

That’s it; you are now all set for a future meeting on Teams where the participants, even if they wish, will not be able to unmute their microphones from their end. Please do remember that you will still have to mute the microphones of the attendees when the meeting starts. This can be done by moving on to the Participants section, and there you have to opt for the option “Mute all participants.”

Once the meeting starts, you can even change the privileges of the participants. You can change the settings for individual participants, regarding who can unmute their microphones from their end. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. In an organized meeting, tap on “Show Participants.”
  2. The Participants section will appear on your screen where you need to click on the three dots placed horizontally.
  3. Further, click on “Don’t allow attendees to unmute.”
  4. Then tap on the “Don’t allow” button again to save your changes.

You will require the organizer’s permissions to make changes to modify the participant’s privileges to unmute themselves. Also, you need to unmute the microphones of participants who use the option “Raise your hand” during the conference in the Microsoft Teams app.


This was all about the recent feature of Microsoft Teams, with the help of which you can mute the participants altogether in your organized meeting. Also, make sure that even if you have modified the settings for the same, you still need to mute the microphone of all the participants once the meeting has been started. You can, however, later unmute any of the participants during your meeting if required.


Source:-  Mute All the Microphones in Microsoft Teams With These Steps

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