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How to Switch to Firefox From Chrome

Google has been the user favorite since time immemorial; however, its move against ad blockers is extremely concerning for users. This could result in corporate overreaches, which is compelling the users to think about switching to Firefox. This not so popular browser could be a major competitor for Google Chrome as it promises more privacy, security, and usability as compared to Chrome. In case you have made your mind and are planning to switch to Firefox from Chrome, go through this guide.

The Difference

The best thing about Firefox is the easy to understand interface, which can be used even by your grandma. The goal of the Mozilla Foundation with Firefox is to deliver a secure, private, and user-friendly Internet with the added benefit of various options to configure. Plus, this browser provides most of the security and privacy-related updates for free to the standard users. If you are fed up with the surveillance operations run by Google, then Firefox will be the right choice for you. Firefox provides a similar browsing experience as with Chrome but with lesser invasion.



Add-ons and Extensions

Unlike Chrome, Firefox has limited options for add-ons and extensions. Since Google Chrome is presently flourishing globally as a browser, it keeps up its user base by packing all sorts of extensions. On the other hand, Firefox is also adding up to its decent list of extensions. It already includes the popular ones, like UBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus. So, it’s a good idea to confirm that Firefox’s extension library has all the extensions crucial for you. And even if it doesn’t, you can always look for a functional replacement.

How to Import the Browser Data from Google Chrome

Switching the browser is no more difficult, as you can choose to “import” the data to access it all on the new one. This feature will efficiently fetch all the browsing data from Chrome and feed it more efficiently to Firefox. Follow the steps below to prepare yourself to make the switch from Chrome to Firefox!

Step 1. On Firefox’s browser window, navigate to the menu bar and click “File” followed by “Import from Another Browser.”

Step 2. A list will appear; select “Chrome” from it. Don’t forget to exit the Chrome browser before proceeding.

Step 3. Now click on the user profile that you wish to import.

Step 4. On the next window, checkmark both “Bookmarks” and “Cookies,” and then hit the “Continue” button to import all the data.

Syncing Across Devices

The fluid sync process in Google Chrome syncs the browser data in the background via Google account. While this feature is super-convenient, it is invasive as well. But since you are switching to Firefox, you can enable its Sync to import data with a secured account and password layer. Firefox’s Sync will make sure that the items to be imported are encrypted with a unique password preventing others from viewing them, including those who run Mozilla’s servers.

We hope these methods helped you switch from Chrome to Firefox easily.


Source:-    How to Switch to Firefox From Chrome

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