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How to Make Website Using Weebly

Making a website is necessary in today’s world, as most of the tasks are nowadays carried out online. People often prefer online shopping to going to market; this is because they can view a number of items by just scrolling up and scrolling down on their smartphone screen sitting at home. People nowadays order their favorite food sitting at home. All these things prove that having an official website for your business is important in today’s digital world. Here we will learn how to create a website using Weebly in just a few simple steps. Let’s get started.

Sign Up

Before you create a website, you should create an account with Weebly. Creating an account with Weebly is simple. Open Chrome browser, enter “Sign up for Weebly” in the search bar. To sign up, use the email address that you use.



Make Website

After completing the process of signing up, you need to log into the same account and start creating a website. After you have logged in, you will see an option that reads “Add site.” Click on the “Add site.” Now is the time to choose what your website is for. If you want to start a blog site, select the “Blog.” If you’re going to set up a shopping site, you can opt for “Store.”

Choose Appropriate Theme Accordingly

A unique theme of a website is necessary to attract visitors. The more attractive a website is, the more visitors will fall in love with your website. Choose an appropriate theme according to your content. Choose the theme that relates to the services and products available on your site.

Choose Website Domain

After you have selected the theme of your choice, the option to choose your website domain name will appear on the screen. You can add either the name of your organization or your own name before Weebly.com. Your website will appear by the same name in Google search results.

Edit Website like a Pro

Now is the time to edit the website to fall in love with it at first glance. You can change the heading of a website and the fonts available on the site. You can also change the background picture in the option “Edit.” It offers a drag and drop tool that can be a lot helpful in the customization of a website. You can add texts, images, videos to your website to make it look fantastic. You can add pages and name these pages.

Let It Appear on Google

The final option is to publish the site. The website appears on Google within seven days after it has been published. You can share the link to the website with others on social media sites if you want.

Creating a website using Weebly is simple enough with the help of the tips shared above. We hope you find the tips of much importance to you.



Source:-   How to Make Website Using Weebly

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This is a very useful on how to create your own website using weebly, we know that weebly is very friendly in terms of creating website.