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How to Find and Choose the Best Assassins in Watch Dogs: Legion

London in the virtual world of Watch Dogs: Legion is overshadowed by the dystopian clouds and is filled with vicious intentions. The city has been searching for a protagonist for a long time, and Ubisoft offers gamers a chance to become one. However, the aspect that makes this game different is that gamers can control people’s minds to save London. Specifically, the game doesn’t require the players to fight the enemies by themselves; instead, they have to gather a team to liberate London. It could be done by mobilizing operatives with different skills to their teams, such as Beekeeper, hackers, Assassins, thieves, and many more. Although each operative is essential to accomplish the freedom’ expedition; however, in this article, we are focusing upon the assassins. Below we have provided a proper workaround for the gamers to find and choose the best assassins in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Where to Find and Choose the Best Assassins in Watch Dogs: Legion

Before heading further to the subsequent process, there is something essential that games must know about the assassins. As we all know that the developer of Watch Dogs: Legion also owns one of the legendary video games known as Assassin’s Creed. Thus, like a crossover, Ubisoft has tried to merge assassins in Watch Dogs: Legion. So far, the game has seen only one assassin known as Darcy, a renowned name in the world of Assassin’s Creed.



Moreover, Watch Dogs: Legion is soon expected to bring more intriguing crossovers in the upcoming days. Thus, there is a high probability that Watch Dogs: Legion will add several new names to its hitmen lists. Fortunately, we have gathered the intel about all these names that will appear in Watch Dogs: Legion through crossovers. Below we have provided the best hitmen, aka assassins in Watch Dogs: Legion, that soon gamers can add to their team. Here:


We have briefed above that Darcy has already arrived in Watch Dogs: Legion and gamers are allowed to add her to their teams. More importantly, Darcy is known for killing her foes. Also, players don’t have to worry about Darcy being caught by police or any investigation agency.

John Wick

The character that had provided a diamond to the legacy of Keanu Reeves is now about to enter the premises of Watch Dogs: Legion. However, due to various obvious reasons, John Wick’s name has been altered to Daniel Power. Except for the name, everything about this professional hitman resembles John Wick. More importantly, Daniel Power possesses professional hitmen’s abilities.

007 Spy

The name is James Bond; in the fictional espionage world, everyone is fond of this name. Thanks to its elegant persona and intriguing gadgets alongside BMWs or Aston Martins. Watch Dogs: Legion is about to bring a handsome professional spy. Although 007 is well-known for gathering intel however gamers will be able to assign him murder contracts.


Watch Dogs: Legion is about to receive several new crossovers this winter season. These crossovers are a deliberate intention of Ubisoft to make their operatives lineup better. Gamers can play Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox Series XXbox OnePS4PS5, and PC.


Source:-   How to Find and Choose the Best Assassins in Watch Dogs: Legion

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