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Android Screen Won’t Rotate? Here’s How To Fix It

Are you unable to rotate the screen on your Android phone or tablet? If yes, then you have come to the right place. When your Android phone screen doesn’t rotate as it should, you may face several user experience problems. It can be extremely frustrating, but there could be some common reasons behind it.

In this guide, we are going to show you how you can get rid of this terrible issue and get your Android phone working back to normal. So without spending any time, let’s get started.

Causes of Android Screen Rotation Not Working Issue

There are plenty of reasons for this problem. Here are some of the most common causes of it:

  • Auto rotating is off.
  • A particular application is preventing auto-rotate.
  • Your device needs an update.
  • A technical issue in G-Sensor of your device.
  • The accelerometer is not working, etc.

These are the primary reasons that can cause Android auto-rotate to not work properly. Now let’s learn how to fix an Android phone on which you cannot rotate its screen.



Check Auto-Rotate Settings

All Android devices have a button to switch on and off the auto-rotate function. If you have accidentally disabled auto rotate on your Android device, you won’t be able to use the auto-rotate feature, and it won’t work. So, first of all, you should ensure you have not disabled it.

To do so, follow the steps given here:

  • On your Android device, pull down the quick settings tray by swiping your fingers downwards on the screen.
  • After that, click the auto-rotate icon.
  • This will either turn it off or turn it on. If you see the auto-rotate icon a little greyed out, this means you have turned it off.
  • If it appears normal, this means you have enabled this feature.

Once you have enabled this feature, check whether you can rotate the screen on your Android phone. If you are still not able to rotate your device, do not worry, and follow the next guide.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes your device’s essential functions, such as auto-rotate, can be influenced by third-party applications or software glitches. By restarting your device, you can fix most of these glitches. It might also fix the third party application interference. So, all you need to do is press and hold the power key, and as soon as you see the power button on your screen, press it to turn off your device. Once you have turned it off, let it rest for 2 minutes. Then switch it on again and see if the auto-rotate feature is working well. If you still see the problem, keep on reading.

Clearing Android Cache

Sometimes corrupted cache data can cause your device to act up, and it can also influence some of the fundamental features, including auto-rotate. By cleaning it up, you can troubleshoot Android auto-rotate won’t work problem. To clean your Android phone cache, you first need to navigate the recovery menu of your device. Navigating the recovery menu can be a little tricky for beginners as the process of doing it varies from device to device. You can check how to navigate the recovery menu on your Android device by Googling for it. Once you are in the recovery menu, select the option that says “clear cache partition” or “clear cache data.” After that, restart your phone normally. Check if you can use the auto-rotate now. If it is not working, worry not and continue reading.

Update Your Android Device

If you have not updated your device for a long time, then you should do it right now. Sometimes Android auto rotate doesn’t work because the current version you are using has some technical glitches and bugs. You need to update your device to fix all of them.

That’s all it takes to fix the problem.


Source:-     Android Screen Won’t Rotate? Here’s How To Fix It

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