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A Guide on Streaming Free Music on Amazon Prime

Who doesn’t like music, especially when you can stream it for free? There are a lot of third-party apps that enable you to listen to music; however, certain features are restricted. Such features are unlocked only when you pay the subscription amount.

It’s not the case with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has got a lot more to offer with or without the membership, other than the fast delivery service. It comes along with a lot of perks, one of which is the music streaming service. You must be familiar with the video streaming service, but very few people know about free music streaming. Therefore, this is what we’ll be talking about to make you familiar with the opportunity of streaming music for free.

Before getting started, it is important to know more about Amazon Music. The service consists of four different plans, including features and music libraries. Thus, below listed is the difference between the four plans. Go through the same to know more.




  • Amazon Music Free: It doesn’t require a Prime Membership. Also, the service is similar to Pandora, which offers stations and playlists with ads. Notably, the service can be used only on one device at a time.
  • Amazon Music Prime: It comes along with your Prime Membership, and consists of two million playlists, songs, and stations. Additionally, your streaming isn’t interrupted with ads and the service is limited to one device only.
  • With Amazon Music Unlimited: It doesn’t come with the Prime Membership. Therefore, you’ll have to get an additional subscription. It offers about 60 million playlists, songs, and stations with no ads.
  • Amazon Music HD: Again, it requires a subscription apart from Prime and offers the same library as Music Unlimited. However, the songs are offered in HD, Ultra HD, and 3D studio sound.

Interestingly, Amazon Music is supported by a lot of platforms, including iPhone, Android devices, iPads, Windows PC, Mac, and more. Therefore, opting for a device has no boundaries. Isn’t that awesome?

The primary question is how do you get started with Amazon Music? The answer to the same is that using the service is very simple, just as logging in with an Amazon account. Notably, you should be a Prime member to be able to use Amazon Music Prime. Thus, the steps to use the music streaming service by Amazon Prime are:

  1. Download and launch the application on your device.
  2. Fill the login details and sign in with the Amazon account.
  3. The main window will open. You may use the search option to find songs or artists.
  4. If you want to save a song or a playlist, use the ‘Ellipsis’ icon to expand the menu. Further, use the ‘Add to playlist’ option.

That was easy, wasn’t it? These are the basics of using the Amazon account for music streaming. You can stream the music for free, but if you’re a Prime member, it’s just another perk offered by the platform.


Source:-  A Guide on Streaming Free Music on Amazon Prime

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