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Watch The Boys Season 2 Finale Episode

The Boys is now streaming for a year on Amazon Prime. The show’s second season set records of streaming for Amazon, but it also gave a strong message about the American fascism right. The second season finale episode that is episode 8 is on the line that will surely add an arc to the plot. However, the fans do not need to worry as the season 3 of the show is already confirmed.

When will the third season arrive? What is the release date of Season 2 of 8 episodes? In this article, we will try to answer all the questions and also share some latest updates regarding the show.



Release Date

The new episode of The Boys is already aired on 8 October 2020. So you can go and check what the last episode has for its audiences and how the second season ended?

All the new episodes of The Boys were released at 3 AM. It is the Eastern release for new movies and shows. Yes, Amazon is a little finicky with the latest content. Initially, the streaming shows scheduled for midnight GMT, which is at 7 PM. Then, Amazon tried to make content available even sooner, and make its fans wait until midnight.

The Plot

After the ending of the seventh episode, it is more confident that the final season will reveal Vought gets away from its atrocious past. And according to the trailer, it is not looking suitable for Vought.

The audience sees Butcher promise he is going to kill everyone. On the other side, A-Train delivers secret intel to The Boys, where he explains that he is trying to get Stormfront and kicks off The Seven. Homelander is up with his typical behavior, and the audiences see him grab the song Ryan and fly away from the kid’s mom. Homelander also gives a speech in the press to convey calm, but his eyes reveal the lies beneath.

The second season of The Boys got a much more fantastic response from the audience than the first one. It received an approval rating of 98% based on 81 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 8.08/10. Metacritic is scored 81 out of 100 by 14 critics, indicating universal acclaim.

These are a few recent updates about the popular show The Boys. If you haven’t checked its finale episode, then go and watch it because the show is getting exciting.


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