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Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Trackpad for Mac with these Steps

What if your MacBook’s trackpad stops responding to the gestures that you make? Don’t worry; we have a solution for this, other than replacement. The heavy use of the device might make some malfunctions in the trackpad and can deteriorate its health. So, replacement is not only the option. There are some more options that you can use as a solution. You can either use a physical mouse or use your iPhone or iPad. Sounds strange? Follow the details below to know how you can perform this action on your iPhone or iPad.

In the details mentioned below, we will show you how you can make your iPhone or iPad act as a trackpad with complete gesture support for your MacBook. In case you want to use an external trackpad on your MacBook or iMac, you can use the “El Trackpad” app, which would turn your iPhone/iPad into an external trackpad for your MacBook or iMac.

The trackpad is a physical component of the machine that can fail anytime. So, you can have an external trackpad that you can make with the help of the El Trackpad app. You can also use this feature for an Apple desktop.



El Trackpad: An Asset for Your Mac

Want to turn your iPhone/iPad into a trackpad for your Mac and that too with gesture support? El Trackpad will help you in accomplishing this task. You can use your iOS device’s display to move the mouse cursor just like you do on the Mac with the swipe of your finger. Alongside this, you can smoothly move through the content with the inertial scrolling. With El Trackpad, you can also zoom by tapping on the screen, rotate an image with your fingers, and do much more in addition to the simple features. With the help of the El trackpad app, you can control the functions on your Mac with ease.

El Trackpad: Features

El Trackpad is a great app that works very efficiently. If you have an iPad or iPhone that you don’t use anymore, you can install the El Trackpad app on it to use it as a trackpad for your Mac. Below we have mentioned the functions of the El Trackpad app:

  1. To click, you can tap with one finger.
  2. For secondary click, you need to tap with two of your fingers and towards the right button of your mouse.
  3. To zoom in and out, you need to double-tap with two fingers.
  4. To scroll on the screen, use two fingers in up or down motion accordingly.
  5. To rotate the screen, move two of your fingers around each other.
  6. Use three fingers to drag items on the screen.
  7. To search for a particular word, tap with three fingers on it.
  8. To show the desktop, open your thumb and four fingers.
  9. To show the launchpad, click with your whole hand.
  10. To open the mission control app, slide four of your fingers.
  11. Drag and then swipe four of your fingers so as to open the Exposé app
  12. Swipe left or right between your work desktop with four of your fingers.

Working of El Trackpad

To use the El trackpad application, you must install it on your Mac as well as on your iPad or iPhone. You can also set some parameters in the app, like the mouse movement speed, natural or inverted scrolling, and more.

Final Verdict

So, those were the details regarding the El Trackpad application and how you can use it on your iPad or iPhone and make it work as a trackpad for your Mac. Do remember that downloading the application on the Mac will require authorization. Also, there’s a limited period for which you can use the application for free. You can use it for 7 days at no cost. However, if you want to use it for a longer duration than 7 days, you will have to purchase it for €4.49.


Source:-  Turn Your iPhone or iPad into a Trackpad for Mac

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