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Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Audience Response

Every content creator generates content for the audience. It’s challenging to generate quality content, but still, a lot of quality content goes unnoticed. In this content-saturated world, it’s not easy to grab your audience’s attention.

It takes lots of unusual methods to grab the attention of your audience. To understand how it works, you need to get into behavioral science. One of the most famous claims that behavioral scientists make is that people don’t act rationally. Major decisions made by humans are hard-wired, impacting what we read, how we react, and what we buy. In this article, we will mention some unusual tips and tricks you can use to increase your audience’s response:

Temporal Landmarks

Temporal landmark is considered as a time to start something new and fresh. These days show a transition in our lives. Why do people make resolutions during the new year? It’s because of the temporal landmark effect. People are open to changes and ready to say goodbye to the old and usual ways. Other good examples of temporal landmarks are birthdays, graduation, retirement, and more.

You can use temporal landmarks to trigger a response from your audience. You can share your message at the beginning of the week when people are more receptive to a new change.



Inequity Aversion

According to various social scientists, people cannot tolerate unfair practices and are more subjected to such situations. Various brain studying images show that the fair outcomes activates the brain’s reward center and unfair do not trigger the same. For instance, if a group of people is getting free money and distributing it between them. 50-50 and 60-40 options tend to get accepted while other options are more subjected to face rejection. The same thing goes for your marketing strategy. You need to trigger the audience’s sense of fairness to get a response. People always react to inequity, and you need to harness that sense of justice to trigger a reaction from your audience.

Input Bias

You must have heard this from various brands that they take a lot of time to create products for you. There had been a lot of research, and multiple trials and errors happened before launching the product. This strategy is a perfect example of input bias. If you show that it took a lot of effort and research to give you a quality product, more people tend to buy it.

Eaten-Rosen Phenomenon

The Eaten-Rosen phenomenon, also known as the Rhyme as Reason effect, is a phenomenon where people think a saying is more accurate if it rhymes. People tend to believe that rhymed information is correct in comparison to the non-rhymed information. Rhymes are easier to remember, and the human brain processes them fast. Marketers can use this trick to make their audience react. You can communicate your message in rhyme or in a poem format to make your audience react faster.

Autonomy Bias

People always want to be in the driving seat and intend to make independent decisions. This behavior is known as autonomy bias, where people want to control the situations according to them. Marketers can take advantage of this human tendency and can trigger a response from their audience. All you need to do is give two-three options instead of one to make your audience feel that they have the control of making a decision.

Hedonic Building

Bundles always work, especially in email marketing. According to various research, people tend to buy a bundle instead of buying every single product individually. Researchers found that putting discounts on the most pleasurable items in a bundle can drive more sales.


These are some of the unusual tricks you can use to get more attention from your audience. These tricks come with multiple trials and errors. See what works for you and create your content accordingly. As we mentioned earlier, people don’t make decisions rationally, and all their choices are hard-wired. Every mentioned trick will not work for everyone. You need to put in various trials to understand what triggers your audience’s response and how you can harness it.


Source:-    Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Audience Response

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