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The Apprentice: The Best of Worst Scenes of The Dreaded Boardroom

The Apprentice is an American reality TV show that judges the business skills of a group of contestants. It has run in various formats across fifteen seasons since January 2004 on NBC. If you have never watched this show, then here is the raw format it follows:

In each season, fourteen to eighteen business people have to compete against each other, and one contestant is eliminated per episode. Contestants are split into two corporations or teams. One member from each team has to volunteer as a project manager on each new task. The corporations have to complete business-related tasks, and then, one corporation gets selected as the winner based on different criteria. The host and his advisors monitor the teams’ performance in each task. The losing team has to attend the boardroom meeting with the show’s host and advisors to learn why they lost and determine who contributed the least to the team.

Currently, due to the ongoing global pandemic, The Apprentice is on hold. You might know that this show is majorly responsible for popularising Donald Trump in the States and introducing Katie Hopkins. The Apprentice has also introduced us to the boardroom bad manners and high-quality shots of The Shard, London.



Despite the surrounding controversies, this show is a hit and has received good ratings from the critics and viewers. Although the ratings dropped in some seasons, the show managed to stabilize its form in the recent seasons. If you want to know some of the worst parts from the show’s history, then check out the list below:

“I AM your Boss”

After a slump in the ratings, the third round of The Apprentice started to pick up its pace. The reason for the comeback was one of the series’ most iconic moments that happened in the second episode.

It started with Posh boy Rory Laing, who was chosen to be the project manager, setting his team on edge. His uptight management style annoyed his teammate, Tre Azam. In one fiery exchange, Rory gave the world one legendary moment where he told Tre: “I AM your boss,” and Tre responded with “You’re not my boss, you’re the project manager. You’re nothing to me.”

Unsurprisingly, megalomaniac and angry Rory lost the task and was fired by Lord Sugar. But Rory’s out lash continues to impress the Apprentice fans. You can hear the Americans quoting, “I am your boss” even after a decade of this episode.

The Birthday Party task

In the 10th series, candidates were asked to hold a children’s party for profits. This might sound like a piece of cake, but that’s not how it went on the show. The primary task of the contestants was to convince the parents to shell out their pockets to celebrate their kid’s special day. As the episode proceeds, David Stevenson messed up badly with his tacky Happy Birthday t-shirts which were disliked by everyone.

The ‘Happy Birthday’ message printed in a mirror effect, and the poor-quality transfers were not sticking to the shirts at all. Watching this horror, parents pulled back their investment, leaving the team £175 in the red.

The opposing team also failed to impress the parents. They bought a cake with traces of nuts to a party, where the kid’s mother was extremely allergic to nuts. It prevented her from missing out on great moments.

Solomon Akhtar’s Interview

This majorly eye-grabbing scene is from the 10th series of The Apprentice, where a contestant named Solomon Akhtar failed to watch any series of the show. So, when he had to present a viable business plan to Lord Sugar, Karren Brady, and Claude Littner, he messed up. All three of the interviewers were extraordinarily disappointed and mentioned that Solomon gave them ‘pictures of sales boats.’

At that point, they were furious at Solomon, and his interview was cut short. By the end of it, Solomon was petrified and shaking so badly that he couldn’t find the exit and he instead walked towards the window.

Susan Ma’s Comment on French People

In the 7th series (2011), Susan Ma was asked about the France country’s culture, to which she replied, “Do the French like their children?” This might fury the French people, but her comment at the moment made America laugh. You may still giggle thinking about this episode, but it seems Ma is having the best time now. 

Despite being eliminated from the show in the semi-finals, Lord Sugar chose to invest in Ma’s Tropic Skincare business. It is now one of the fastest-selling skincare brands in the UK, selling 3.3 million products per year.


Source:-    The Apprentice 

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