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Some Best Privacy Web Browsers

Privacy is very important; you never want anyone to hack your details. So it’s crucial to take care of various things while browsing the internet, such as what you are browsing through, how safe it is, etc. However, we have brought some best privacy web browsers for you that can help you browse safely. Let’s get started.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a pretty amazing privacy web browser that comes with an incognito mode, an ad blocker, a tracker blocking tool, script blocking, a private search, third-party cookie blocking tools, HTTPS Everywhere, and many more. The app has a pretty clean user interface and is entirely available for free to use. It contains some bugs, but still, the app works nicely.

Cake Browser

Cake Browser is quite a decent privacy web browser that features a full privacy mode, and it never tracks you. Additionally, it provides you with a passcode protection tool that helps you secure your browser from other people, HTTPS Everywhere, a Do Not Track mode, and an ad and a tracker blocking tool. You also get a decent voice search option, tools to change the app’s icon, a dark mode, and an excellent swipe search function. It works great and is entirely available for free to use.



Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero is another pretty decent privacy web browser app that boasts a Do Not Track mode that stops the app from storing a bunch of information, a small download size (only 500KB), and an adblocker tool. The app even has some neat features such as themes, gesture controls, and a tool to download video content. It is not a very powerful incognito browser; however, it’s great if you don’t want anyone to see your browsing history or other personal stuff. It’s entirely available for free to use.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is quite a popular privacy browser that can block all the hidden third-party trackers, and it even shows you what it has blocked. The app uses its search engine without tracking your online movements, and also HTTPS Everywhere. It does work reasonably well and is entirely available for free to use.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is another very popular privacy web browser that provides you with various useful features such as an adblocker tool, a tracker blocker, a tool to erase your entire browsing history immediately, and many more. The app offers a pretty decent user interface and works quite well. You can use it entirely for free.

Frost+ Incognito Browser

Frost+ Incognito Browser is quite a decent privacy web browser, but it is not very popular. The app offers some decent features, including a tool to delete your browsing data automatically when you exit the app, image and bookmark vaults to hide the stuff you already have downloaded, password protection, and many more. The app even features an ad blocker and a tracker blocker, but they don’t work well. You can use it for free or purchase the app’s premium version that will add some additional features and cost you $2.99.

These are some of the best privacy web browsers that we recommend you to use on your smartphone to protect your private details and browse history. Thank you for reading the article.


Source;-  Some Best Privacy Web Browsers

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