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Some Best Philips Hue Apps for Android

Philips Hue is one of the most popular and oldest smart lights. Philips allows third-party developers to play with its products. However, here are some best Philips Hue apps that will give you a variety of features to control the smart light. So, let’s get started.

Hue Disco

If you are looking for a Philips Hue app for parties, then Hue Disco is going to be the ultimate choice for you. The app taps into Hue’s ability to change color and brightness, depending on the sound. You just need to play loud music and run the app altogether, and the lights will automatically change color and brightness. The app also offers you a variety of customization options and features. It is a great Philips Hue app and available for $3.99, but you will need a Philips Hue controller to make this app work.




HueDynamic is quite a very powerful Philips Hue app that features a variety of stuff, including multi-bridge support, camera functionality, an improved routine from the official app, and many more things. To use the camera functionality, just open the camera, and the app will automatically adjust the lights based on what the camera sees. The app has some bug issues; otherwise, it works great and is quite easy to use. It is available for free and offers a premium version too that will cost you $5.49.

Hue Light

Hue Light is a newly launched Philips Hue light app with a straightforward user interface and simple controls. You can easily connect your Philips Hue light with the app and adjust the lights as you want. Hue Light lets you change the color of lights, adjust the brightness, and do many more things. The app works pretty well and is available for free with ads. However, you can remove the ads from the app by purchasing its premium version for $1.99.

Hue Pro

Hue Pro is another very decent Philips Hue app that provides you with a variety of features, including lighting presets, dimming and brightness toggles, music integration, and many more things. The app lets you control the lights even if you are away from your home. It is an amazing Philips Hue app, but not available for free to use. You will have to pay $1.99 to use this app.


Lumio is another recently launched Philips Hue app that offers you a straightforward user interface and lots of basic features, including turning lights on or off, changing the lights’ brightness and color, and much more stuff. The app is a little bit buggy. Otherwise, it works great and is available for free with in-app purchases.


MediaVibe is itself not an app but a developer on Google Play that offers a bunch of fantastic Philips Hue apps with various themes, including Halloween, Christmas, fireworks, etc. All the apps provided by MediaVibe work almost similarly and offer almost the same features. To use the apps offered by MediaVibe, you will have to purchase them, but none of the apps will cost you more than $2.99.


OnSwitch is quite a unique Philips Hue app that comes with the support for LIFX lights too. The app boasts a variety of features, including the ability to manage single as well as groups of bulbs, 30 different light scenes, and many more. Most of the app’s features work for both sets of smart lights (Philips Hue and LIFX lights). You can use the OnSwitch app for free; otherwise, the pro version of OnSwitch will cost you $9.99.

These are some best Philips Hue light apps that I would recommend you to use. So give them a try. Thank you for reading the article.


Source:-  Some Best Philips Hue Apps for Android

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