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Some Best Drone Apps for Android

You can fly your drone through the native app provided by your drone manufacturer, but there are a few other apps also out there that you can use to control your drone and for various other purposes. Here are some best drone apps available for Android.

Google Earth

Once you register your drone, the next step is to find a place where you can fly it because there are some restricted places where you can’t fly it legally. Fortunately, we have some drone dedicated mapping apps that can show you various safe places to fly your drone; Google Earth is one of them. You can use the Google Earth app to find many exceptional places to fly your drone, and the app is available entirely for free.


Airmap is a fantastic drone app that can map potential flight locations and help you keep your flight logs. The app’s tools, such as drone mapping, flight logging, and geo-fencing, utilize real-time traffic alerts. It is a great app, and many companies use it as a drone app. It is also available entirely for free.



FAA’s B4UFly

The FAA is the government entity that enforces drone laws in the US, and B4UFly is their official app. The app tells you the places where you can fly your drone. Despite it, the app offers you very detailed airport listings and displays the 5-mile radius of each, but sometimes the app tells you that you can’t fly your drone in some places where you actually can. Otherwise, it is quite a good app and entirely available for free to use.

Whether you use this app or not, make sure you register your drone with the FAA before taking it out to fly. It is necessary, and if your drone’s weight is more than 0.55lbs, then you will have to register and affix your registration number to the aircraft. The whole process is quite simple, but you must be at least 13 years old, and it will cost you $5.


Hover is quite a good but underrated drone app that provides you with mapping, location awareness info, and weather info. It even tells you if it is safe to fly. It is quite a good app and available for free to use.

UAV Forecast

UAV Forecast is quite a decent weather app that provides you with detailed wind and weather information to decide if you are going to fly your drone. You just need to tell the app the parameters of your drone, and the app will immediately indicate whether today is the day to fly or not. You also get a range of information related to piloting, including visibility, wind speed and direction, cloud cover, wind chill and temperature, and many more. It even provides mapping along with visible no-fly zones, and you can use it entirely for free.


Kittyhawk checks the weather and features maps with active air traffic information and maps with no-fly zone listings. The app even keeps flight logs and helps you track your drone. Kittyhawk is an excellent one-in-all app with everything from pre-flight checks to post-flight analysis, and you can use it entirely for free.


Verifly is a pretty amazing insurance app. Nowadays, insurance is crucial; whether you have a car, house, or anything else, insurance can help you in various ways. You usually buy the insurance and pay its premium every month, but the Verifly app is quite different; it lets you buy insurance for your drone for a lifetime, which means you will not have to pay monthly installments, you just purchase it once, and your drone will be secured for a lifetime. But the insurance amount varies depending on your drone’s run time; however, it will cost you around $10/hour.

So these are all the drone apps that we would recommend you to use. Thank you!


Source:-   Best Drone Apps for Android

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