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Six Methods To Get Organic Traffic Without Ranking

Ranking your website is one of the most preferred ways to make your website appear on the Google search engine result page. But there are so many ways to attract organic traffic without ranking your website. However, it is challenging to get organic traffic without ranking, but it’s not impossible.

In this article, we will mention six methods by which you can attract organic traffic to your website without ranking:

Promote Your Video Content Via YouTube

Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content on the Internet. Video content keeps your audience in their comfort zone. Nowadays, people are more interested in watching a video rather than read a long body of the text. Video content allows you to convey your message the way you want. Video content holds a massive capability of driving organic traffic to your website. When you put your video content on YouTube, you attract a lot of traffic to your website. As Google owns YouTube, any downgrade on Google ranking will not affect the traffic you are getting from YouTube. Other than YouTube, you can also promote your content via press releases to drive more traffic. Sending promotional emails whenever you upload a new video can also help significantly to drive organic traffic.



Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts, and opinions between bloggers and blog readers. Blog comments attract a significant amount of traffic and make your content viral. Blog comments drive the exchange of information between the user and the author. With blog comments, you get a lot of backlinks and traffic on your website. One of the proper ways to do blog commenting is to read the post thoroughly and leave a comment if you have something useful or meaningful to say. If you have some content on your website related to the post, then use the URL link of that post rather than the home page.

Content Aggregators

Content aggregation means collecting all the information on any topic for one or more related keywords. To get the advantage of content aggregator sites, just create good content for your website and list your content on these sites. By listing your content on content aggregator sites, you attract a significant amount of traffic on your website. It is one of the great ways to promote your content indirectly. But before listing your content, make sure you adhere to the rules and submit your content to the related sites only.


LinkedIn is the most underrated platform to promote your content. LinkedIn is one of the most transparent platforms to build professional networks and share your content with your target audience. You can share relevant and high-quality content on LinkedIn and provide links that can redirect visitors to your website. Other than textual content, you can also post graphical content to attract more eyeballs. Make sure you use relevant hashtags in your content. As LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, you might end up with some quality traffic to your website.

Create Audio-Based Content

As we mentioned earlier, nowadays, people are not very much inclined towards reading a long body of the text. Creating audio-based content like podcasts can attract a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. A podcast is a fun, light-hearted, and an engaging way to communicate your message to your audience. Podcasts are a more mobile-friendly and more convenient option for users who prefer audio-based content. A podcast is a great way to build a loyal community as podcasts audiences are very passionate about their industry.


Sharing your content via email is one of the most preferred ways to attract organic traffic to your website. You can use various email services to manage your mailing list and execute campaigns. Email marketing holds a whooping 3.34% success rate compared to other mediums. Just make sure to use an attractive subject line that prompts your audience to read your content. You can see your traffic via Google Analytics.


It takes a lot of time and patience to attract an organic audience to your website. Building links is one of the most preferred ways to drive traffic, but you can also attract organic traffic via other mediums. The six options, as mentioned above, are great ways if you want to attract organic traffic other than building links.


Source:-    Methods To Get Organic Traffic

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