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Setup Your Home Office with the Best Monitor Arms

You must have realized throughout the pandemic that whether you have a standing desk for your desktop or anything else in your home office, they are really helpful. The more useful gadgets you get, the more your life becomes easier. Especially if we talk about holding gadgets, they are very useful. But today, we will not discuss all kinds of holding gadgets; we will look specifically at computer monitor holders or monitor arms so that you can adjust your monitor as you want. Here we go.

AmazonBasics Single

AmazonBasics Single is a great monitor arm that is designed to hold a single screen, but it has multiple pivot points, so you can easily use these pivot points to position your monitor within a 25-inch radius. The AmazonBasics has a basic clamp design that allows you to attach it to most desks. The AmazonBasics arm can easily hold an LCD monitor measuring up to 32 inches and weighing up to 25 pounds. It is undoubtedly an excellent option, and it can quickly pop between portrait and landscape orientations.



Vivo Dual LCD Monitor Arm

The Vivo Dual LCD monitor arm is a multi-screen holder that is specially designed for those who work with a multi-screen setup. It is quite tough, but it is not as adjustable as the AmazonBasics arm; it only moves horizontally or vertically, but it offers you a 17-inch or 39-inch pole for extra height. The arm lets you position each monitor individually so you can set up one monitor in portrait and the other in landscape orientation.

Vari Dual Monitor Arm

The Vari Dual monitor arm is an excellent monitor arm that features two flexible arms to hold your two monitors at a time. It can hold the monitor up to 29 inches and weigh up to 19.8 pounds. The arms of the Vari Dual are fully adjustable, and they both look like a pair of robot arms. Both the connection points are VESA-compatible, and you can easily rotate your monitors on either side to 360 degrees.

Fully Jarvis Single

Fully Jarvis Single is a solid monitor arm that features an extremely flexible upper arm. Its lower arm is not that bad, but you can only rotate it. The arm even supports a VESA compatible monitor weighing up to 19.8 pounds and measuring up to 32 inches. It comes in black color, and you can choose either a single or a dual version of the monitor arm.

Ergotron LX Extendable Single

Ergotron LX Extendable Single is another very flexible monitor arm that can expand easily up to 25 inches in any direction, and you can easily raise or lower it on a 13-inch pole. It can support a monitor with a screen up to 34 inches across and weigh up to 25 pounds. It has quite a simple clamps design, so you are not going to face any problem attaching the arm to your desk. Ergotron LX Extendable Single is undoubtedly one of the toughest options in the list that we strongly recommend you to purchase.

3M Dual-Swivel Single

3M Dual-Swivel Single is an outstanding monitor arm specially designed to support a heavy monitor, so if you are looking for a monitor arm that can support your heavy monitor, then the 3M Dual-Swivel Single arm is going to be the best pick for you. It can easily hold a monitor weighing up to 30 pounds and measuring up to 27 inches of display size. It can give your monitor height of up to 7.5 inches from the base along with a 19.5-inch radius. This one is VESA compatible and comes with a basic clamp design so that you can easily attach it to your desk. You can even get the other versions of 3M Dual-Swivel with slightly more extension.

We tried to cover various types of monitor arms in this list so that you can find an ideal monitor arm for you. I hope you liked the article. Thank you!


Source:-   Setup Your Home Office with the Best Monitor Arms

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