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Fortnite: How to Use Wolverine’s Healing Power

The marvel crossover has made Fortnite Season 4 an overnight success. Following this, Epic Games is now striving a bit hard to keep the game fresh. Thus, Epic Games have now added various new outfits for all Marvel characters and fortunately, this time these skins contain traits of their corresponding character too. Meanwhile, players these days are after the newly arrived skin of Wolverine because this unique skin comes with the instant healing ability. However, first players need to unlock this unique Wolverine’ skin, and for that, they need to beat Wolverine NPC boss.

Surprisingly, even after obtaining this potent skin, most of the gamers won’t be able to regain health skill because it has to be activated. Below we have provided a proper workaround to use the healing power of Wolverine in Fortnite Season 4.



Fortnite Season 4: How to Regain Health as Wolverine

We have already briefed above that the first step to initiate this process is to unlock the Wolverine skin. The regain ability of Wolverine NPC boss won’t allow gamers to stand against him. Thus, they should opt to normal Wolverine Skin that they can obtain quite quickly as there are various Wolverine challenges available in weekly challenges. When the gamers have successfully attained Wolverine’s skin, then they need to partake in any game mode. More importantly, gamers need to be aware because these days, numerous players are keen to get Wolverine unique skin to obtain its majestic healing power.

The simplest and the best way to avoid conflict with other players is to surpass the hurdles by striding upon tall structures available in Team Rumble mode. Once players have successfully defeated their competitors, then they need to find and collect Medkits, Chug Splash, food items and Bandages. Once players have succeeded in gathering all these items, then they will obtain the ability to heal using their normal Wolverine skill. However, this regained ability is undoubtedly relatively less effective than the one that NPC boss acquires. When gamers have obtained the healing ability in their Wolverine’s skin, then they need to visit Weeping Woods to challenge Wolverine NPC boss.

Precisely, it would be tough to eliminate him, but with new regain abilities, veteran gamers will surely succeed in slaying Wolverine’s NPC boss. Furthermore, gamers who failed in taking him down need to practice or craft a strategy to defeat the NPC boss. Moreover, gamers can use Claws Mythic Weapon of Wolverine because it will unlock Weapon X and it can help them to increase their Wolverine’s potency.


Epic Games have finally fulfilled the demands of Wolverine’s fans after they released new Wolverine skin that contains healing power. However, this skin is quite hard to obtain, but with the information and strategy available in this article, gamers can quickly obtain Wolverine’s unique skin.


Source:-  Fortnite: How to Use Wolverine’s Healing Power

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