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Fire TV Stick Lite Vs. Standard Fire TV Stick: An Honest Review

The major difference between these media streaming devices is the price tag. Both of these devices have similarities, such as the performance is notably the same in both. Not only that, but there are several features you will get in both. In this article, we are going to provide you with everything you need to know to decide which one to buy between Fire TV Stick Lite and Fire TV Stick.

An Overview

In short, both of these devices have the same processor, video resolution, max frames per second, HDR support and more.

However, there are still some clear-cut differences between these two. One of the significant differences that you are going to see is the “lack of built-in Dolby support”. The lite version doesn’t have Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital, etc.



Even though, the lite variant provides HDMI audio pass-through for Dolby Digital. Another notable dissimilarity between these gadgets is that the lite version does not come with TV controls on its remote.

Therefore, you cannot access your TV’S volume and power switch with the Alexa remote as you do with the standard Amazon Fire TV Stick remote.

However, these both major differences are almost manageable for most of the people. The lite variant does still support Alexa voice commands, and you can control the whole streaming device with the remote. The Dolby surround sound should not be an issue either for average users. Many people don’t give a damn to the sound quality, and they just get happy with normal stereo sound.

Even if you see from a techie’s perspective, the lite variant still provides the basic functions along with ease-of-access with Alexa.

The built-in Dolby support is not a significant point if you just want to stream movies and TV shows to your TV. However, if you are passionate about the sound quality, you should go for the standard Amazon Fire TV Stick to get the built-in Dolby support.

The Difference in Price  

The lite variant is 10 USD cheaper than the standard Fire TV Stick. Therefore you are saving $10 by excluding Dolby support and television controls. Now the decision is up to you; if you want to get the Dolby support and television controls, you should go for the standard version without a single doubt. However, if you are only concerned about money, then go for the lite variant with your eyes closed.  In Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite, you are only sacrificing the native Dolby support and basic TV controls.


Source:-   Fire TV Stick Lite Vs. Standard Fire TV Stick

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