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Differences You Need to Know Between Echo Show 10 (Third-Gen) and Echo Show 10 (Second-Generation)

Amazon is a popular brand when it comes to the production of smart home devices with amazing quality. Amazon offers a wide range of smart home devices including the Echo speakers, and they also make sure to roll out the latest versions of these devices from time to time. Recently, Amazon launched the Echo Show 10 (third-gen), which comes with some extra additional and smarter features than the previous device of the range, Amazon Echo Show 10 (second-generation). Amazon has made some significant changes in its latest offering of Echo Show 10 (third-gen), and it can be expected that the users are going to find these changes worth spending 20 more dollars. In this article, we are going to look at all the sides and sections which make Echo Show 10 (third-gen) different from Echo Show 10 (second-generation). Let’s scroll down and find more about the major differences between these devices.



Price and availability are something basic which differs these two devices. The Echo Show (second-gen) is already available in the market and you can buy it for $230, directly from Amazon. However, that is not the same case with the latest Echo Show 10 (third-gen). Echo Show 10 (third-gen) has only been announced and not yet released to be available in the market. You can expect the availability of this latest device in the market before Christmas this year. There are reports available about the pricing of this device, which says that you will have to spend 20 dollars more than the Echo Show (second-gen) for the third-gen device, as it will be available for $250, with some additional features and a better design of course.

There is a significant change in the design of the Echo Show 10 (third-gen) if we compare it with Echo Show 10 (second-generation). The Echo Show (second-gen) has an inverted-pyramid base, which also works as the speaker to play music and audio. The Echo Show (second-gen) has a compact design, and it features a slightly angled smart display that has a camera and is facing outside. The display and the speaker in Echo Show 10 (second-generation) seem to have built into each other. Amazon has improved the design of Echo Show 10 (third-gen) a lot as it comes with a round base this time, which also serves as a 360-degree speaker. There is a 10.1-inch smart display mounted on the top of this speaker. The best part about this display is that it is enabled for automated swivel. This display uses the face and body recognition and can swivel back and forth if you are moving around while attending a video call. The design and usability of the smart display certainly make it better than the Echo Show (second-gen).

Amazon seems to have made quite a lot of improvements in the sound quality of the Echo Show 10 (third-gen). Some speakers can produce a better sound quality than Echo Show 10 (second-generation), and Google Nest is also a close rival in the market. Amazon has redesigned the sound system of Echo Show 10 (third-gen), and it has a different speaker system, which makes it one of the best in the market. The new speaker has two 1-inch tweets and a 3-inch woofer, and it has awesome bass potential.

The display and the camera are major components of the Echo Show. Amazon has not made any changes in the display quality of Echo Show 10 (third-gen) than Echo Show 10 (second-generation) as both features a 10.1 inches touchscreen display that has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The swiveling display of the latest device is worth mentioning as it offers more usability. However, Amazon has surprised the tech-geeks with the changes made in camera quality. Echo Show 10 (second-generation) features a 5-megapixel camera while Echo Show 10 (third-gen) is coming packed with a 13MP camera, which allows you to have a better experience at video calling.

There are some significant changes which we can notice between Echo Show 10 (second-generation) and Echo Show 10 (third-gen), but there are sections where things are just the same in both models. Smart features and usability of Alexa are equally functioning for both models. Standards to protect your privacy are also the same on both of these models.

Echo Show 10 (third-gen) is certainly featuring some more advanced features and a better design to make things easier for you than Echo Show 10 (second-generation). However, we cannot overlook the quality of both devices over another. Both of the models can be considered among the best offerings from Amazon. You can bring some more advancement to your home by opting to spend an extra $20 than Echo Show 10 (second-generation), in the form of Echo Show 10 (third-gen).


Source:-  Differences Between Echo Show 10 (Third-Gen) and Echo Show 10 (Second-Gen)

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