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The Best Cloud Gaming Services

In the future, cloud gaming services are going to take the place of discs, and with the help of cloud gaming services, you will be able to play your favorite games on your smartphone, TV or computer, tablet, etc. The market is continuously growing, and Amazon recently proclaimed to launch its cloud gaming service, Amazon Luna.

To play cloud games, you need a high-speed as well as an unlimited internet connection because gaming in the cloud requires a lot of data. So make sure that you have an unlimited internet connection before you start playing a cloud game. However, here are some best cloud gaming services for you.

Project xCloud

Project xCloud is an excellent cloud game service launched on September 15, 2020, by Microsoft. The platform provides you with more than 100 Xbox games to stream on your Android smartphones or tablets.

To use Project xCloud, you will need an active subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an Android device, a Bluetooth controller along with the support of Xbox games, a fast internet connection with the speed of at least 10 Mbps, and the Xbox Game Pass Android app.



PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now allows you to play over 800 different games from the PlayStation library on your PC or PS4. It even adds new games every month that makes it a great place for the latest games. To start planning the game on PlayStation Now, you will need a PlayStation-compatible controller and the PlayStation Now app on Windows, and you are all set. It even lets you stream your favorite games to your PS4, or you can download them too.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Nvidia GeForce Now can turn almost every laptop, Mac, desktop, Android mobile device, or Shield TV console into a gaming PC. It even lets you stream any of your favorite games from your Origin, Steam, or any other digital delivery library to your device.

The best thing about Nvidia GeForce Now is that it also lets you access the games you have already bought or downloaded from anywhere at a low cost. You can also play each session for one hour entirely for free.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia provides you with excellent visuals along with 4K game streaming at 60 FPS in its library. All the games provided by Google Stadia are compatible with phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. And if you buy the Stadia Premier Edition, then it will even allow you to play your favorite games on TV with Chromecast Ultra.

Google Stadia gives you a free trial, but you can’t access all the games. The Stadia Pro subscription will give you a lot of free games to play every month. Keep in mind that Google Stadia has a very small collection of games than its competitors.


Vortex is an excellent cloud gaming service that allows you to play PC games on your Android mobile devices, macOS, Windows 10 computers, etc. The best thing about Vortex is that you will not be needed to download any games to play them. You can directly play any of your favorite games on the platform by connecting to the server using a decent Internet connection.

To play the games on Vortex, you just need the Vortex app and a subscription to get access to the games. Vortex provides you with more than 65 games along with 50 hours of gameplay time, and it is compatible with various devices. If you want to get access to over 160 games along with increased game playtime, then you will be needed to purchase its pro and ultra-versions that will cost you a little extra amount than its basic subscription plan.

Shadow Boost

Shadow Boost is quite a different cloud gaming service because it’s a cloud PC with dedicated storage that you can access from any device at any time. It even allows iOS users to access its services. Shadow Boost can run almost any game that you own. It is an excellent gaming service.

So these are all the best cloud gaming services that we would like to suggest you try. Thank you very much for reading the article.


Source:-  Best Cloud Gaming Services

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