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PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Probably Has Fewer Stocks Than PlayStation 5 Standard Edition

Sony has started taking preorders for its upcoming gaming console PlayStation 5. However, Sony and its new gaming console, PlayStation 5, are once again in news headlines thanks to the quick selling of the Digital Edition of PS5 due to its massive demand in the market.

According to a report on the Eurogamer website, there is a great demand for the Digital Edition of PlayStation 5 in comparison to the Standard Edition of PlayStation 5. But despite this much demand for the Digital Edition of PS5, most big retailers don’t have enough stock of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition to meet this demand thanks to its limited production by Sony in comparison to PlayStation 5 Standard Edition.



One big retailer in the UK market said that they have a very limited stock of PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in comparison to the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition. According to them, their current stock allocation is around 75 % PS5 Standard Edition against 25% PS5 Digital Edition.

According to the results of a poll which was conducted by Ars Technica for GameStop Stores (in the US market), almost nine GameStop Stores in the US market had a stock allocation around 13% or 33% PS5 Digital Edition versus 87% or 67% PS5 Standard Edition.

Sony has never been in this kind of situation where it has to warn its customers that they might find it a little difficult to get their gaming console. But that’s history now.

Jim Ryan (President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) has refused to give his comments on this situation and the availability of PS5 Digital Edition in the market. However, he has said that the company is planning to produce the necessary number of units to meet the current demand for PlayStation5 Digital Edition. But he can’t give specific information on numbers or availability ratio right now.

The new PlayStation 5 Standard Edition costs $4999, whereas the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition comes with a price tag of $399. Yes, it does not have a disc drive in it, but it is as good as and as powerful as the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition.

Our View

Sony PS5 is a great gaming console that has lots of great features in it, and there is an enormous demand for PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in the market.  Despite this, most retailers don’t have sufficient stock to meet this demand. But Sony is trying its best to meet this demand and is planning to produce the necessary number of units to meet this huge demand for PS5 Digital Edition.

However, if you can’t wait to get your hands on PlayStation 5, then you can buy PS5 Standard Edition at $499. But if you only want to purchase PS5 Digital Edition, then you will have to wait for some more time until the demand and supply of PS5 Digital Edition are stabilized.

Do you feel the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition is better than PlayStation 5 Digital Edition? If yes, then do share your thoughts or views with us in the comment section.


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