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How Many Levels Required to Reach End Credits in Spelunky 2?

Moss mouth’s Spelunky 2 is obtaining quite a positive review from the gamers. Although, it’s been a few days since it has been released, however still it starts intriguing gamers. Thanks to its prequel Spelunky which was a massive success back in 2008 for this acclamation. Besides, the developers of Spelunky 2 have also put a lot of hard work in programming the franchise’s sequel; exclusive new features, graphics, and fantastic storylines are the proof of it. Moreover, the game’s objective is quite simple though however, the unlocking of unique playable characters usually creates difficulty in Spelunky 2. Thus, in this article, we are going to help the gamers to unlock the unique playable character in Spelunky 2.



Spelunky 2: How Many Levels Required to Reach End Credits

Level 1: Dwelling.

Level 2:

  1. Jungle & Black Market: All the gamers who would take the left door during 1-4, they all will be migrated to the Jungle. Gamers need to grab an essential item known as Udjat Eye in level 1; Dwelling through a golden key.
  2. Volcano & Vlad’s Lair: All the gamers who would take the right door during 1-4 will be migrated to the Volcana. Gamers need to use Udjat Eye to activate a drill to open an exit door made of red bricks, and it would take them to the Lair of Vlad.

Level 3: Olmec’s Lair.

Level 4:

  1. Tide Pool: All the gamers who would take the very first door during 3-1 will be migrated to the Tide Pool.
  2. Temple of Anubis & City of Gold: All the gamers who would take entrance right door during 3-1 will be migrated to the Temple of Anubis. Gamers need to obtain Scepters through Anubis, and Hedjet drops. Later it can be sold in the Black Market in exchange for the City of Gold.

Level 5: Ice Cave.

Level 6: The last level is Neo Babylon & Tiamat’s Throne.

Gamers need to know that they have to surpass all these levels if they want to reach to see the End credits. However, there are various hurdles available in between these levels that will surely try to hinder the gamers from their aim.


Players can quickly raise their game’s level in Spelunky 2; however, there are several things that they need to know. Precisely, the most important one is to see that they are the total number of six-levels in Spelunky 2, and each of them has their world. We hope that gamers will indeed succeed in accomplishing this task and will find worth reading this article.


Source:-   Spelunky 2?

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