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Google’s Kids Space: The Kid-Friendly Android Tablet Mode Explained

Google is going to bring Kids Space to Android tablets so that a safe way can be provided to the children to access the content, which is not only enjoyable but also right for them. Google has taken a step further by giving joy to young people and keeping the security factor under consideration.

Nowadays, children are getting educated by the modern techniques available for them. But, there is a dark side also to this technology. To educate the children securely, Kids Space has been brought by Google in selective Android tablets. However, some services like YouTube Kids are already designed to be suitable for entertaining children. Still, many websites cannot educate children with both education and entertainment.



The new Kids Space offers appropriate educational and enjoyable content for children. More than enjoyment, it also focuses on educational activities that are essential for the betterment of the future of the children. Google has made the education system a stress-reducing enjoyable system. Now, children can explore the educational materials in the form of videos, games, applications, and books. Google is also offering children to create their avatar to get the desired recommendations while surfing for educational fun.

Tablet Content Tailored For Kids

Google made changes in the new system instead of choosing the same old entertaining options to create an environment safe, enjoyable, and educational. Google designed the tailored material by including the help of persons who are specialists in children’s education. These specialists are appointed to focus primarily on fun material, educational material, and needs of the children simultaneously. These experts have combined their work into Kids Space, which has ‘Watch’ and ‘Make’ tabs that bring to the table activities and is also responsible for encouraging children to enjoy off-screen also.

In this pandemic-time, children have gone online to complete their studies. They are attending online classes, and some children enjoy online entertainment for fun. It can lead them to the wrong track instead of getting them aware of the study materials. These concerns have been solved by Google’s Kids Space. It takes care of the fun-loving educational material in the form of videos, games, puzzles, and many more and even maintains a secure environment. According to Google, Kids Space can be seen first on some of the selected Lenovo tablets, including the Smart Tab M10 HD Gen 2 also.

After exploring the details of Google Kids Space, we have concluded that it is one of the best features and upgrades by Google on the Android platform. It is very helpful in providing education to children in a much efficient and enjoyable way. Google’s Kids Space also plays a vital role in maintaining a secure environment so that the children could use the online mode of education correctly.


Source:-  Google’s Kids Space

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